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President's Message - May 2019

May 01, 2019 2:30 PM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

As I have touched on in the past, and I know nearly all of you would agree, our industry is built on a strong community. Although it has evolved with society over the years, it is still one of the most important features of our industry. Whether if it’s the vendor/user, fellow superintendents, sports turf/golf or student/superintendent the relationship is always composed of one key trait...sharing. Sharing of issues, methods, solutions, mistakes, you name it, we’re always learning from one another. 

The evolution has taken us from face to face encounters at association meetings, phone calls and/or visits to a more technological approach that includes the internet and social media. Although I think we all understand the value of the interaction on a personal level, our schedules (both work and personal) have become jam packed, so social media and the internet have become a big part of maintaining that community.

Last fall it seemed as though we were going to lose one of our key industry leaders when it comes to relationships. Brian Laurent reluctantly decided to walk away from his position with the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation, one that he excelled in. The one thing most of us took for granted with Brian, was how he treated everybody not only as professionals but also as friends. In addition, he is extremely creative and passionate about all forms of media and has been very innovative when it comes to strengthening our professional image and our industry’s future.

Fortunately, we won’t have to worry about that lacking from our industry as he just couldn’t walk away from the relationships he has built and the industry/game he has grown up with. Brian’s new venture, Ohio Superintendent Network, will help maintain that strong community of sharing and lead our industry in the right direction with education and content that will help make all of us better professionals.  As with anything, you will only get out of it what you put into it.  So participate at whatever level you’d like, at minimum I suggest being an observer by subscribing.

However, I would encourage all of you to participate when called upon, not only do we owe it to Brian, but by sharing you will make each of us better professionals/people and continue to strengthen our community of sharing.

And finally, the cherry on the top (at the very least in my opinion), Brian will continue as Executive Director of the Central Ohio GCSA. So if you haven’t already, check out OSN at www.ohiosuperintendentnetwork.com. And on behalf of the Central Ohio GCSA I’d like to wish Brian the best of luck with his new…“job”.


Matt Doran
President, Central Ohio GCSA
Superintendent, The Links at Groveport

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