Welcome to the Legacy Cup Match Play Championship!

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Players will play with 80% of their handicaps.

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As a reminder, when you sign up for the Match Play Championship, you are committing to completing all of your matches. If a deadline is approaching, it is up to you to determine how to complete your match. We have seen many occasions where it's been 2 vs 1 or 1 vs 1.

Out of respect for the others within your pod, please make every effort to play all of your matches by the deadlines listed. It is your responsibility to schedule your matches.


Teams will begin pod play within their region (CO, MV, NW) to earn points. Winners of each pod will move on to their regional playoffs and champions from each region will then advance to the final playoff bracket. The fourth team in the playoff bracket will be dependent on the number of teams from each region. The region with the most teams will have two teams in the final four.

Please select your region during the registration process. Players may sign up for multiple regions with different partners as long as they follow the established rules.


  1. Teams must complete matches by certain dates or they will be "fined" points: 

    1 match must be played by June 2nd (1 point fine if not played)
    2 matches must be completed by July 4th (2 points fined if not played)
    All POD matches must be played by August 1st

  2. Players will receive 80% of their course handicap (the GHIN app makes this easy for you to calculate!)

  3. IMPORTANT REMINDER...All players receive their strokes based on their adjusted course handicap. This means you DO NOT play your match off of the low handicap.

  4. Teams MUST complete all of the matches within their pod to advance to the playoffs. No exceptions.

  5. Players must be active members of the Ohio GCSA with dues paid for the year in order to participate

  6. Players must have an established handicap through the World Handicap System. If you need a handicap, you may purchase one through the OGCSA here.

  7. There may only be one Affiliate member per team.

  8. There will be a blind draw for teams to be placed into pods. Each team will need to play the other teams within their pod to earn points (See below for point system). The team with the most points in their pod advances to the playoffs.

  9. Upon completion of your round, players must post their scores as TOURNAMENT scores according to the rules of the USGA. If the event committee is made aware of any player not posting their score within two days of their match, the player will play as a 0 HCP for the duration of the event…no exceptions.
  10. Once you have posted your core on the GHIN mobile app, you may text your match results to Seth Rainer (614) 332-2195 or Tristan Myers (740) 603-5099

  11. In the event that teams face each other with the same person on both teams, that person will play 1 ball on both cards.  Meaning Player A plays his ball and could win, lose or tie on each hole on either team.

  12. There will be absolutely no substitute players for matches.  In Pod play, you have 4 months to finish 3 matches.  In the instance that a player's partner withdraws from the tournament for any reason, it will be brought to the board for decision on whether a replacement player is allowed.

  13. Once pod play is complete, the playoffs will be played as standard Match Play

  14. Regional winners may keep the same team for the following year. All others must play with a new partner.


Teams will play for points in each match, not to win the match like typical match play. Points are earned as follows:

Win a hole = 1 point
Tie a hole = 1/2 point
Lose a hole = 0 points

Additional Format and Rules Information

  1. In the case that a match cannot be completed because of weather, the remaining holes will be scored as halved. A minimum of 14 holes must already be completed in order for this rule to take effect. If 14 holes are not played, teams are encouraged to "pick up where they left off"

  2. In the event of a tie within a pod at the end of pod play, ties will be broken based on,

    1. Head to head points
    2. Most points scored in a single match


Pod winners from the Central Ohio and Miami Valley regions will move on to a regional match play bracket to advance to the final playoffs. Winner of the Northwest region will automatically advance to the final playoffs.

With three pods, the Miami Valley region will have one wild card team advance to regional playoffs. The wild card team will be the team with the most points that did not win their pod. The winner of the Miami Valley region will advance to the final playoffs against the winner of the Northwest region.

Since Central Ohio has the most teams, the two finalists in the regional playoffs will advance to the final playoffs and face each other in the first round; this match will determine the regional champion and also determine who advances to the final match of the Legacy Cup Match Play Championship.

The Committee

The event committee does its best to predict any and all scenarios, but if a scenario arises that was not accounted for, the committee will determine the best possible solution. In the case that a committee member is impacted by the decision, they will recuse themselves from the decision making process.

Match Play Committee Members include:

Chairman:  Seth Rainier

Committee:  Keith Kresina, Chris Allender, Jon Soukup, Zach Koppin, Tristan Myers and Greg Pattinson

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