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  • September 17, 2023 9:57 AM | Tyler VanLandingham (Administrator)

    Scott Orndorff promoted to Director of Business for HydraSmart, Inc.

    RICHMOND, VA; SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 - HydraSmart, Inc, a W.S. Connelly company, announced today that Scott Orndorff has been promoted to Director of Business Operations. Scott will be responsible for managing the entire business unit, which includes working closely with HydraSmart owners from across the country to develop and implement growth strategies. In addition, Scott will work very closely with Superintendents, Grounds Managers and Professional Applicators to learn, then develop new technologies to enhance the HydraSmart portfolio.

    “Scott has been a key part of our success and we are thrilled to promote him to this important position,” said Kevin Connelly, President of W.S. Connelly & Companies. “Scott joined our company in 2016 as a District Sales Representative and quickly rose to several committee and supervisory positions, including multiple responsibilities developing HydraSmart strategies.”

    Scott will serve in his current role as a district sales representative through the remainder of fall and winter of 2023 / 2024. He will begin his new Director role on February 1, 2024.

    About W.S. Connelly

    Founded in the 1950s as a simple feed ‘n’ seed business, W.S. Connelly expanded across the decades to parent multiple companies serving turf and horticulture professionals, erosion control contractors, engineers, and resellers.

    About HydraSmart

    High-tech meets high-growth and strength in Hydrasmart’s proprietary liquid fertilizers, spray adjuvants, and soil surfactants. Our nationally recognized, university proven, scientifically manufactured solutions are developed on the principles of integrity, transparency, safety and the highest performance.

    Media Contact:

    Dani Fink

    Marketing Assistant



  • June 17, 2023 11:44 PM | Tyler VanLandingham (Administrator)

    OGCSA Father’s Day 

                Every year labor is one of the most challenging concepts a Superintendent must deal with. Usually, we rely on the high school and college age kids to fill rolls that only cover around three months of a very busy golf calendar. If you’re anything like me, you will beg, borrow, and steal just to get as many people on staff as possible. Sometimes this even means tapping into the friends and family outlet to get staff members. I have had my father, my son, one cousin, and one stepson work for me at Dayton Country Club during my time here. Sometimes family members can be your most reliable staff personnel. It’s also very enjoyable to see them working in and around the industry that I take such great pride in.

                Speaking of family, Father’s Day is today. I know several other Superintendents who are of a similar age range as me and have children who are just now into the “working’ phase of their lives. Whether it is a summer job, college internship, or just working weekends to make gas money, at some point they need to get out into the job market. Some of us are even lucky (or even unlucky???) enough to work with our children. It is a pretty easy transition when so many of us are looking to hire summer help and the kids need a job. If they don’t happen to work for you then you would probably have no problem sending them to another golf course to make some money. I was lucky enough to work with my son last summer. Since he was very young, he has always said he wants to work in the Turf Industry as his career. I have never steered him either way around the industry. I have just said, “figure out what you want to do and we will help you get there.” Last Summer he worked for me with his first ever paying job. It really was a test to see if he actually wanted to do this stuff or not. Let’s face it, not everybody wants to work outside in the elements all day. He did a pretty good job and has remained steadfast in his pursuit of a career in this industry. This Summer, he will be working at NCR Country Club so he can see as many different situations as possible. He will be a senior in high school this Fall and after graduation most likely will be going to Ohio State ATI to pursue a degree in Turf. In fact, the last five generations of my family have now worked on a golf course at some point or another in their lives. My great grandfather was a Greenskeeper at Meadowbrook Golf Course in Clayton, Ohio. My grandfather caddied and worked there as well. My father worked for me here at DCC for one summer a few years ago after retirement and now my son is entering into the industry as well. I also have two cousins who work in the industry here in the Miami Valley area.

                Not too long ago I never would have suggested my son get into a career in Turf. If any of you have been around for at least a few years in this industry, you probably remember the late 2000’s when the economy and the Turf Industry were not exactly on an uphill swing. At that time, I was working at NCR County Club myself and remember talking to a few or our seasonal staff members about the industry. They were enjoying the work they were doing and were asking about how to get into Turf as a career. I recall specifically telling them to find another career path as a future in Turf looked grim. I am sure many of you have similar stories. Now we are paying for that as there are very few individuals available to backfill jobs in our industry as people retire. There are very few students enrolled in Turf programs and interns are nearly impossible to come by. In fact, my last three Assistants-In-Training have had zero technical background in Turf. They were either seasonal staff members or just randomly applied for the job. I have learned my lesson though and now when they express interest in our industry, I am happy to help them along. That’s why it has been extra special to have my son show such great interest in Turf. I am very proud of him and will support him in whatever career path he ends up in. Especially if it is in Turf!

                So, on this Father’s Day take the time to appreciate your children and what they have accomplished. I know all of you will encourage and aid them into whatever career path they enter. If that path is Turf, don’t hesitate to guide them down that path. This has always been a great industry to get into, but even more so now. Networking is one of our greatest assets in this industry. With the merger of the OGCSA, that network is even larger. I hope all the dads enjoy Father’s Day this year and I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

    Ryan D’Autremont - CGCS

    Dayton Country Club 

  • May 03, 2023 4:37 PM | Tyler VanLandingham (Administrator)

    Written by: Dr. Jay Hobgood, Ohio State University


    The average temperature is expected to be below normal for May, with below normal precipitation. 


    An upper level trough will linger over the northeast U.S. during the first half of May. The trough will produce cool, cloudy weather in Ohio during the early part of the month. Northerly winds will transport cooler air from Canada over Ohio during the first half of May. The upper level trough will move away later in the month and warmer air will return to the state. A sequence of Canadian air masses will make the average temperature below normal for Ohio during May.  

    Although the upper level trough will produce a cloudy start to May, the air from Canada will be relatively dry, so, precipitation will be light during the first half of the month. A few sunny days will break up the cloudy stretches whenever the driest air is over Ohio. A couple of storms could produce heavier rain later in the month, but the total precipitation for May will be below normal.

  • January 02, 2023 2:29 PM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    Written by Jay Hobgood, Ph. D., The Ohio State University


    The average temperature for January is projected to be above normal for the month with above normal precipitation as well.


    Near record warmth will be over Ohio during the first few days of January. A ridge over the southeastern U.S. will produce southerly winds that will transport unseasonably warm air to Ohio to start the new year. The ridge will break down after a few days. A strong west to east jet stream will carry a series of weather systems across our area during the rest of January. 

    The weather systems will cause fluctuations between warm and cold temperatures every few days. The coldest air will stay north of Ohio for most of the month. The average temperature for the month of January will be above normal.

    The fast jet stream will also carry a series of storms across Ohio during January. Southerly winds ahead of the storms will carry moist air to the state. Most of the precipitation will fall as rain and the total precipitation for January will be above normal.

  • August 19, 2022 11:55 AM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    Chapter GOLD partner, Tenbarge Seed, will be hosting a series of monthly webinars beginning September 8th. For more information, visit tenbargeseeds.com or view the image below.

  • December 29, 2020 9:19 AM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    The Central Ohio GCSA has awarded its 2020 Glenn B. Hudson Memorial Scholarships to four deserving students pursuing careers in the turfgrass industry. These scholarships are given in the memory of Glenn B. Hudson, a World War II veteran and golf course superintendent whose achievements and dedication to the industry helped develop a stronger superintendent community in Central Ohio. This year, a total of $8,000 was awarded with individual scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $1,000 each.

    The 2020 outstanding recipients are as follows:

     PARKER BANEY, The Ohio State University

    Parker is relatively new to the industry having started his first golf course job earlier in 2020 at The Golf Club. Because he enjoyed the work so much, Parker changed majors at Ohio State to pursue a career as a golf course superintendent. Parker is a member of the Ohio State Turf Club and enjoys playing golf, trap shooting, and attending OSU football and basketball games (when possible!).

    RACHAEL CLINE, The Ohio State University

    Rachael is a senior at Ohio State and is currently the Turf Club President. She was a member of the varsity rowing team from 2017-2018 and a member of Athletes in Action. Rachael's professional aspirations are focused on managing professional athletic fields, an area she has been introduced to through The Ohio Program as an intern with Everton F.C. in Liverpool, UK and here in Ohio as a part of the grounds crew with the Columbus Crew. Upon graduation, Rachael plans to join former Crew Stadium field manager, Weston Appelfeller as an assistant manager with the new MLS stadium in Austin, Texas.


    DANIEL RUSSELL, The Ohio State University

    Daniel has been heavily entrenched in the superintendent community as the son of River Greens Golf Course superintendent, Lee Russell. He has been a part of the grounds crew at River Greens since 2016 and served as a volunteer at the Memorial Tournament in 2019. Russell is the OSU Turf Club Treasurer, house manager of the Delta Theta Sigma fraternity, and member of the OSU Bass Fishing Club. Daniel looks forward to applying the lessons learned at Ohio State and from work experiences as a future golf course superintendent.


    JAMES SCHON, The Ohio State University - ATI

    James began working on a golf course in 2016 at Avon Oaks Country Club in Avon, Ohio under superintendent Terry Boehm. Boehm encouraged him to follow his passion and so James enrolled at OSU ATI to pursue a career as a golf course superintendent. Recently, Schon has assisted ATI's Dr. Zane Raudenbush as a Turfgrass Research Assistant, studying silvery thread moss control in creeping bentgrass putting greens. He also worked as a summer intern at Scioto Country Club in 2020 and will be joining the club as a second assistant upon graduation. Schon was a volunteer at the 2020 Memorial Tournament, enjoys running, and playing golf.

    Congratulations to all of our recipients!

    The primary source of funding for these scholarships comes from our Glenn B. Hudson Memorial Fund Scholarship Outing which takes place every three years. The next scholarship outing will take place on June 14, 2021 at Jefferson Country Club.

    To learn more about the Glenn B. Hudson Memorial Scholarship, visit COGCSA.org.

  • November 24, 2020 2:23 PM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    With the Ohio Department of Agriculture recently approving LIVE online training, several opportunities have opened up for Ohio applicators to earn credits in the coming weeks. One of those opportunities is the Conference Comes to You program presented by the Carolinas GCSA in conjunction with a local partnership with the Central Ohio GCSA.

    Members of the COGCSA can register for sessions at the reduced member rate. In addition to saving on your registration, a portion of each registration comes back to the chapter to help support local initiatives such as scholarships, research projects, and other industry giving like the Wee One Foundation and OPARR support.

    Central Ohio GCSA members should select our chapter and enter the code which was emailed to you (if you need your code, contact Brian at blaurent@propelsolutionsllc.com).

    Upcoming ODA credit sessions include:

    November 30th | 1:00 - 3:00 pm
    The Challenge of Nematodes in Turf
    Bruce Martin, Ph.D.
    ODA Category 8 - 2 hours

    December 1st | 1:00 - 3:00 pm
    Plant Growth Regulators for Fine Warm-Season Turf
    Jim Brosnan, Ph.D.
    ODA Category 8 - 2 hours

    December 3rd | 1:00 - 3:00 pm
    Plant Growth Regulators for Fine Cool-Season Turf
    Bill Kreuser, Ph.D & Doug Soldat, Ph.D.
    ODA Category 8 - 2 hours

    Many other outstanding sessions are available as part of Conference Comes to You! Check out the full line-up at ConferenceComesToYou.org.

  • November 18, 2020 11:21 AM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our 2020 Jack Kidwell Award recipient, Mark Novotny, CGCS! Mark was presented with the award during the Central Ohio GCSA Annual Meeting at the Double Eagle Club on Monday, November 16th.

    Mark began his career in the industry as a crew member at Mahoning Country Club in Northeast Ohio. He received a degree in Business Administration and Industrial Management from Youngstown State and later earned his degree in Agronomy from Ohio State.

    After earning his agronomy degree, Mark joined the team at New Albany Country Club where he was an assistant superintendent under Tony Mancuso. In October of 1996, Mark was hired as the superintendent at Westchester Golf Course in Canal Winchester, a position he held until his retirement in August of 2020.

    Mark earned his Certified Golf Course Superintendent designation in 1999 and served two terms as a board member of the COGCSA chapter.

    During Mark's career, he has served as a mentor to many aspiring superintendents and wrote numerous articles on golf course maintenance which were published in various industry publications.

    The Board of Directors and membership of the Central Ohio GCSA congratulate and thank Mark Novotny, CGCS for his service and dedication to our superintendent community.

  • November 02, 2020 1:11 PM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    With ODA's recent approval of live online training, we've applied for and received approval for the following credit for upcoming Conference Comes To You sessions:

    Advanced Weed Management - Warm Season
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Fungicide Program Development & Dealing with Bugs & Crud in Cool-Season Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Aquatic Plant Management - An Introduction to Keeping Your Ponds Free of Unsightly Plants & Algae
    Cat. 3A - 2 hrs

    Advanced Weed Management - Cool Season
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Poa Resistance
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Advanced & Cost Effective Management of Insect Pests of Warm Season Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Annual Bluegrass Weevil Master Class: Proactive Management for Ever-Changing Environments
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Understanding Pesticide Behavior to Optimize Applications & Minimize Collateral Damage
    Core - 2 hrs

    The Challenge of Managing Nematodes in Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    PGRs for Fine Warm-Season Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    PGRs for Fine Cool-Season Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Making Herbicides Work and Why They Sometimes Fail
    Core - 2 hrs

    Getting to the Root of Managing Soilborne Diseases - Warm Season
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Getting to the Root of Managing Soilborne Diseases - Cool Season
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Bentgrass Selection Management
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Holy Grail - Cool Season Turf
    Cat. 8 - 2 hrs

    Register online at conferencecomestoyou.org! As Conference Comes To You partners, COGCSA members were emailed a registration code to receive membership pricing.

  • September 25, 2020 7:46 AM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

    For those of you interested in virtual education, we are excited to partner with the Carolinas GCSA and dozens of other chapters across the country, as well as the British International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA), to bring you virtual education this fall and winter.

    Conference Comes to You is a series of 30 talks over 30 weekdays beginning November 2nd (taking one week off for Thanksgiving).

    More information about the program, including how to register and get our chapter discount, will be emailed to our members very soon.

    Visit conferencecomestoyou.org for more information!

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