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  • July 16, 2024 8:50 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Peeling Back the Turf: Barracuda Championship at Tahoe Mountain Club

    This week we have the Barracuda Championship at Tahoe Mountain Club, a premier event on the PGA TOUR taking place from July 18-21, 2024, in the stunning setting of Truckee, California. This year's tournament promises to be a thrilling showcase of top-tier golf, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hosted at the renowned Old Greenwood course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, the championship will feature a challenging layout and pristine conditions meticulously maintained by the dedicated team led by Director of Agronomy, Joe Valente. Get ready for an exciting week of golf at one of the tour's most picturesque and demanding venues!

    Meet the Director of Agronomy

    Joe Valente, GCSAA

    • Years as GCSAA Member: 10
    • Years at Tahoe Mountain Club: 13 (2 as director)
    • Years as a Superintendent: 6
    • Previous Courses: The Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing
    • Hometown: Franklin, Massachusetts
    • Education: St. Joseph’s of Maine / UMass Amherst

    Course Details

    • Par: 71 (35-36)
    • Yardage: 7,480
    • Stimpmeter: 11
    • Average Green Size: 5,300 sq. ft.
    • Acres of Fairway: 32
    • Acres of Rough: 55
    • Number of Sand Bunkers: 95
    • Number of Water Hazards: 6
    • Soil Conditions: Native mountain soils, rocky
    • Water Sources: Well, aquifer
    • Drainage Conditions: Good

    Key Personnel

    • Assistant Superintendent (Old Greenwood): Brad Luttrell
    • Superintendent (Gray’s Crossing): Dave Martin
    • Assistant Superintendent (Gray’s Crossing): Colin Lee
    • Head Mechanic: Eli Fraser
    • Director of Golf: Travis Alley
    • Number of Employees: 17
    • Number of Tournament Volunteers: 26
    • Golf Course Dog: Louis, 5-year-old Vizsla


    • Greens: Bentgrass / Poa annua (.100”)
    • Collars: Bentgrass / Poa annua (.350”)
    • Approaches: Bentgrass / Poa annua (.350”)
    • Tees: Bentgrass / Poa annua (.360”)
    • Fairways: Bentgrass / Poa annua (.360”)
    • Rough: Bluegrass (2.5”)

    Course Architect

    • Architect: Jack Nicklaus (2004)

    Social Media

    • Superintendent: @JoeValente12
    • Tournament: @CudaChamp

    Additional Notes

    • Bunker Renovations: New sand has been added to almost every bunker.
    • Ice Removal: Ice was removed from greens twice this year, just before Christmas and on February 1.
    • Elevation: The course is just below 6,000 feet; frost can occur every month of the summer, and temperature swings of 50 degrees are common.
    • Rainfall: The course receives little to no rain in the summers; wetting agents are essential.
    • Wildlife Challenges: Pocket gophers, voles, and moles are significant problems.
    • Maintenance: In 2020, banks on water edges on holes 10, 11, 14, and 15 were shaved to primary cut.


  • July 01, 2024 9:00 PM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Peeling Back the Turf at TPC Deere Run: A Look Behind the Scenes of the John Deere Classic

    As the sun rises over TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, preparations for the 2024 John Deere Classic are in full swing. This annual PGA TOUR event, scheduled from July 4-7, promises exciting golf action and a showcase of the meticulous work that goes into maintaining one of the tour's most esteemed courses. At the heart of these efforts is Jonathan Graham, a dedicated member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) for 11 years and the superintendent at TPC Deere Run for two years.

    Meet the Grass Master: Jonathan Graham

    Jonathan Graham’s journey in golf course management began at TPC San Antonio as a senior assistant, eventually leading him to TPC Deere Run. Over his seven years here, including two as superintendent, Jonathan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. His expertise ensures that the course meets the high standards expected by the PGA TOUR and provides an exceptional experience for both players and spectators.

    Supporting Jonathan is a team of skilled professionals, including Assistant Superintendents Jarrett Chapman and Evan Sedlack, Equipment Manager Bruce Phillipson, Irrigation Foreman Alex Johnson, and Landscape Foreman Lyndsay Buckley. Together, they work tirelessly to prepare the course for the tournament, supported by 22 employees and an additional 35 volunteers during the event.

    Course Design and Setup

    Designed by D.A. Weibring and opened in 2000, TPC Deere Run spans 400 acres of beautifully landscaped terrain. The course features 28 acres of fairways, 120 acres of rough, 76 sand bunkers, and three water hazards. This year, holes No. 1, 6, 11, and 15 have been narrowed by approximately five feet to enhance the challenge for players.

    The course setup for the tournament includes a par-71 layout with a yardage of 7,289 yards. The greens, averaging 5,500 square feet, are meticulously maintained with L-93 bentgrass mowed to a precise height of .100 inches. The fairways and tees, also composed of Southshore bentgrass, are kept at .375 inches, while the rough features a mix of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue at 4 inches.


    • Greens: L-93 bentgrass
    • Collars: L-93 bentgrass
    • Approaches: Southshore bentgrass
    • Tees: Southshore bentgrass
    • Fairways: Southshore bentgrass
    • Rough: Kentucky bluegrass / fescue

    Turf Management and Environmental Stewardship

    Managing a golf course of this caliber requires a deep understanding of agronomy and environmental stewardship. The silty clay soil and surface water sources present unique challenges, particularly concerning drainage, which the team addresses with innovative solutions and careful planning.

    Sustainability is a key focus for the team at TPC Deere Run. The course’s history includes land uses by Native Americans, coal mining, and the Hewitt family’s Arabian horse-raising endeavors. Today, maintaining the balance between preserving the natural environment and providing a world-class golf experience is paramount.

    The Broader Impact

    The work done by Jonathan Graham and his team extends beyond the confines of TPC Deere Run. The GCSAA, headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, plays a vital role in advancing the profession of golf course management. With 20,000 members in over 78 countries, the association provides education, information, and representation, fostering the growth and vitality of golf worldwide.

    As the John Deere Classic unfolds, spectators and players alike will witness not only top-tier golf but also the result of countless hours of dedicated work by the TPC Deere Run team. From the precise mowing of greens to the strategic narrowing of fairways, every detail reflects the commitment to excellence that defines the GCSAA and its members.

    Social Media

    • Superintendent: @TPCDeereRunAGR
    • Course: @TPCDeereRun
    • Tournament: @JDCLASSIC


  • June 25, 2024 8:33 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    A New Chapter at the Rocket Mortgage Classic: Detroit Golf Club Gears Up for 2024

    As we approach the 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic, anticipation is mounting at Detroit Golf Club. This renowned PGA TOUR event, set to take place from June 27-30, promises an exciting week of golf on one of Michigan’s most historic courses. Under the expert guidance of Director of Agronomy Sam Moynihan, GCSAA, the course is prepared to challenge and delight both players and spectators.

    Meet the Director of Agronomy

    Sam Moynihan, a dedicated member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) for 7 years, took on the role of Director of Agronomy at Detroit Golf Club on April 3, 2023. Despite being relatively new to the position, Moynihan brings a wealth of experience from prestigious courses such as Caves Valley, Muirfield Village, and Los Angeles Country Club. An alumnus of West Virginia University, Moynihan’s expertise is instrumental in maintaining the high standards of the course.

    The Team Behind the Scenes

    Supporting Moynihan is a dedicated team of golf professionals:

    • Adam LaFrance: North Course Superintendent
    • Kenny Egler: South Course Superintendent (40 years)
    • Steve Addis: Construction Superintendent (30 years)
    • North Course Assistants: Mike Mosquera, Richard Juvancic, Nate Voss
    • Tim Travis: Equipment Manager
    • Golf Course Dog: Maya, a 1-year-old golden retriever

    This experienced team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure the course remains in impeccable condition.

    Course History and Design

    Detroit Golf Club, designed by the legendary Donald Ross in 1916, has undergone renovations by renowned architects such as Robert Trent Jones, Arthur Hills, and Bruce Hepner. A significant renovation by Tyler Rae is planned for 2025. The course layout includes routing changes for the tournament, incorporating various holes from both the North and South courses to create a unique and challenging setup.

    Turfgrass Specifications

    Maintaining the pristine condition of Detroit Golf Club requires meticulous attention to detail. Here are the turfgrass specifications for the tournament:

    • Greens: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .100”
    • Collars: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .350”
    • Approaches: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .350”
    • Tees: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .375”
    • Fairways: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .375”
    • Rough: Bluegrass mix, maintained at 4”

    These specifications ensure that the course provides a fair and challenging playing surface for the competitors.

    Tournament Set-Up

    • Par: 72 (36-36)
    • Yardage: 7,370 yards
    • Average Green Size: 5,150 sq. ft.
    • Total Property Acres: 200 managed
    • Acres of Fairway: 30
    • Acres of Rough: 75
    • Number of Sand Bunkers: 87
    • Number of Water Hazards: 1
    • Number of Holes with Water in Play: 1

    The course features clay loam soil and relies on city water sources. Despite poor natural drainage conditions, the team’s expertise ensures optimal playability.

    Additional Notes

    • The North Course will undergo a full renovation in 2025, including greens, tees, and bunkers.
    • Routing changes for the tournament include playing from North No. 1 tee box to South No. 1 green for Tournament No. 3.
    • The No. 11 and No. 12 greens were resodded in May 2023 after being vandalized, ensuring they are in perfect condition for the tournament.
    • Average fairway widths are 30 yards, providing a fair challenge for all players.

    As the Rocket Mortgage Classic draws near, the team at Detroit Golf Club is ready to deliver another memorable tournament. Under Sam Moynihan’s leadership, the course is set to showcase its beauty and challenge to the world. Stay tuned for an exciting week of golf at one of the PGA TOUR’s standout events.

    For more detailed insights and behind-the-scenes stories, follow the tournament and course updates on social media:

  • June 19, 2024 5:58 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    2024 Travelers Championship: TPC River Highlands Ready for Action

    As the 2024 Travelers Championship approaches, excitement is building at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut. This prestigious PGA TOUR event, held from June 20-23, promises to deliver thrilling golf on one of the tour's most iconic courses. Under the expert management of Jason Cannata, GCSAA, the course is in prime condition to host some of the world's best golfers.

    Meet the Grass Master

    Jason Cannata, a dedicated member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) for 13 years, has been with TPC River Highlands for 14 years. This year marks his first as superintendent, having stepped into the role on June 3, 2023. Cannata's extensive experience includes positions as an assistant at the Golf Club of Avon and New Haven Country Club. A proud alumnus of the University of Connecticut, Cannata brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role.

    The Team Behind the Scenes

    Supporting Cannata is a talented team of assistant superintendents: Josh Breiling, Whitton DeVaux, James Kelley, and Chris Salvio (assistant in training). The equipment manager, Robert Martyszczyk, ensures all machinery runs smoothly, while David Corrado, the General Manager and Director of Golf, oversees the facility's operations. Together, this team of 32 employees and 50 tournament volunteers works tirelessly to maintain the course's high standards.

    Course History and Design

    TPC River Highlands, originally designed by Pete Dye in 1982 and renovated by Bobby Weed in 1989, features unique characteristics and a rich history. The land includes areas that were once a rose farm and an active sand pit near the Connecticut River. The course layout, with its average green size of 5,000 square feet and fairways averaging 30 yards in width, presents a challenging yet fair test for golfers.

    Tournament Set-Up

    • Par: 70 (35-35)
    • Yardage: 6,835 yards
    • Greens: Bentgrass/Poa annua mix, cut to .115”
    • Collars: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .375”
    • Fairways: Bentgrass/Poa annua, cut to .375”
    • Rough: Kentucky bluegrass/fescue, maintained at 4”-plus
    • Water Hazards: 4
    • Holes with Water in Play: 5

    The course is well-drained with sandy loam soil and utilizes water from the Connecticut River. The fairways and roughs are meticulously maintained to ensure optimal playing conditions.

    Sustainability and Wildlife

    TPC River Highlands is committed to environmental stewardship. The maintenance practices focus on sustainability and preserving the natural habitat, which includes providing a safe harbor for local wildlife.

    Noteworthy Facts

    • The course has hosted numerous Travelers Championships, with some staff members participating in up to 35 events.
    • Recent enhancements include new sod on tees and fairway edges, ensuring seamless transitions and top-notch playing surfaces.
    • The course dog, Shea, a 4-year-old Labrador retriever, is a beloved member of the maintenance team.

    As the Travelers Championship draws near, the anticipation grows for another memorable tournament. Under Jason Cannata's leadership, TPC River Highlands is ready to showcase its beauty and challenge to the world. Stay tuned for an exciting week of golf at one of the PGA TOUR's standout events.

    For more detailed insights and behind-the-scenes stories, follow the tournament and course updates on social media:


  • June 11, 2024 8:44 PM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Peeling Back the Turf - The U.S. Open Returns to Pinehurst No. 2

    This week, Pinehurst No. 2 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, will once again be the epicenter of the golfing world as it hosts the 2024 U.S. Open from June 13-16. This historic course, known for its rich tradition and challenging layout, will test the mettle of the best golfers from around the globe. Under the meticulous care of Bob Farren, CGCS, and his dedicated team, Pinehurst No. 2 is prepared to deliver an unforgettable tournament experience.

    Meet the Grass Master: Bob Farren, CGCS

    Bob Farren, a stalwart in golf course management, has been a GCSAA member for an impressive 45 years and has spent 42 of those years at Pinehurst. His deep-rooted connection with the course and his vast experience have been instrumental in maintaining the high standards synonymous with Pinehurst No. 2.

    Joining Farren is John Jeffreys, the Course No. 2 Superintendent, who has been with Pinehurst for 25 years and in his current role for the last decade. A North Carolina State University alumnus, Jeffreys has been integral in preparing the course for major events, including the U.S. Open.

    Key Personnel and Operations

    The team responsible for Pinehurst No. 2's pristine condition includes Kevin Robinson, CGCS, Operations Manager, and assistant superintendents Eric Mabie, David Chroback, and Andrea Salzman. Equipment Manager Rob Vaughn and PGA Professional Matt Barksdale also play crucial roles. With a workforce of 40 employees and 60 tournament volunteers, the team is well-equipped to handle the demands of a major championship.

    Pinehurst No. 2: A Donald Ross Masterpiece

    Designed by the legendary Donald Ross in 1907 and meticulously restored by Rees Jones in 1999 and Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw between 2009-2011, Pinehurst No. 2 is renowned for its strategic complexity and natural beauty. This year's U.S. Open will be the first played on the course's new Champion ultradwarf bermudagrass greens, a change made following the 2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open.

    Course Statistics:

    • Par: 35-35—70
    • Yardage: 7,543
    • Average Green Size: 6,500 sq. ft.
    • Total Property Acres: 220
    • Acres of Fairway: 50
    • Acres of Rough: 40 native sandscapes
    • Number of Sand Bunkers: 117
    • Number of Water Hazards: 1
    • Number of Holes with Water in Play: 1
    • Soil Conditions: Sandy loam
    • Water Sources: Spring-fed lake
    • Drainage Conditions: Excellent

    Turfgrass and Course Details

    The transition to Champion ultradwarf bermudagrass greens marks a significant evolution in Pinehurst No. 2's storied history. This choice of turf ensures optimal playing conditions in the often warm and humid North Carolina climate.

    Turfgrass Details:

    • Greens: Champion ultradwarf bermudagrass
    • Collars: Tifway 419 bermudagrass
    • Approaches: Common and 419 bermuda
    • Tees: Common and 419 bermuda
    • Fairways: Common and 419 bermuda
    • Rough: Sandy native areas with wiregrass

    The course features fairway widths in landing areas between 35-45 yards, demanding precision and strategic shot placement from competitors.

    Environmental Stewardship

    Pinehurst No. 2 is not just a premier golfing venue; it is also a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Safe Harbor for the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, showcasing the club's commitment to environmental sustainability.

    Notable Facts and Achievements

    Pinehurst No. 2 holds the unique distinction of being the first facility to host both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open in the same year (2014) and in consecutive weeks. This tradition of excellence continues with the 2024 U.S. Open, promising to be a landmark event in golf history.

    As the 2024 U.S. Open unfolds this week, Pinehurst No. 2 will stand as a testament to the timeless allure of championship golf. Under the expert guidance of Bob Farren, CGCS, and his dedicated team, the course is set to provide a challenging and unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. The meticulous preparation and rich heritage of Pinehurst No. 2 ensure that this U.S. Open will be a highlight of the golfing calendar, showcasing the best of the sport on one of its most storied stages.


  • June 03, 2024 10:42 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Peeling Back the Turf at MVGC 

    Dublin, Ohio • June 6-9, 2024

    As the 2024 Memorial Tournament approaches, all eyes are on Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. This prestigious PGA TOUR event, scheduled for June 6-9, promises to be a spectacular display of golfing prowess and meticulous course management. Under the expert stewardship of Chad Mark, GCSAA Director of Grounds, Muirfield Village is primed to challenge the world's best golfers with its immaculate setup and strategic design.

    Meet the Grass Master: Chad Mark

    Chad Mark, a GCSAA member for 26 years, has been at the helm of Muirfield Village for the past eight years. With a rich background that includes previous roles at Inverness Club, Sand Ridge Golf Club, and Kirtland Country Club, Mark brings a wealth of experience to his position. A graduate of Ohio State University, he has overseen the Memorial Tournament eight times and hosted the 2020 Workday Charity Open. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of course preparation.

    Key Personnel and Infrastructure

    Supporting Mark is a dedicated team, including assistant superintendents Drake Cleghorn, Mitchell Cofer, Seamus Foley, and Connor Quigley. The equipment manager, Bill Claytor, and tournament operations assistant, Eric Perkins, play crucial roles in maintaining the high standards expected at Muirfield Village. With 50 employees and 35 tournament volunteers, the club is well-equipped to handle the demands of a major tournament.

    The Course: A Masterpiece by Jack Nicklaus

    Originally designed by Jack Nicklaus in 1974 and renovated by him in 2020, Muirfield Village is renowned for its challenging layout and pristine conditions. The par-72 course spans 7,569 yards and features 68 sand bunkers and 13 water hazards. The average green size is 5,000 square feet, ensuring that precision and strategy are paramount.

    Course Statistics:

    • Par: 36-36—72
    • Yardage: 7,569
    • Average Green Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
    • Acres of Fairway: 24
    • Acres of Rough: 110
    • Number of Sand Bunkers: 68
    • Number of Water Hazards: 13
    • Number of Holes with Water in Play: 13
    • Soil Conditions: Clay
    • Water Sources: Pond, well
    • Drainage Conditions: Fair

    Turfgrass and Mowing Heights

    Maintaining the turf to tournament standards is a significant task, and Muirfield Village excels in this regard. The course features bentgrass on its greens, collars, approaches, and tees, with the fairways also predominantly bentgrass. The rough is a mix of Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue.

    Turfgrass Details:

    • Greens: Bentgrass, mowed to 0.090”
    • Collars: Bentgrass, mowed to 0.275”
    • Approaches: Bentgrass, mowed to 0.275”
    • Tees: Bentgrass, mowed to 0.275”
    • Fairways: Bentgrass, mowed to 0.350”
    • Rough: Kentucky bluegrass/ryegrass/fescue, mowed to 4”

    Notable Features and Challenges

    The course has undergone several enhancements to maintain its status as a premier golfing destination. Noteworthy updates include the relocation of the No. 16 tee 25 yards to the right and the removal of a greenside bunker. Additionally, the maintenance crew now operates from a state-of-the-art facility that opened in October 2023.

    The area has experienced higher-than-average rainfall in May, presenting unique challenges for course preparation. Despite this, Mark's team is adept at managing such conditions, ensuring that the course remains in optimal condition for the tournament.

    A Family Affair

    Chad Mark's dedication to the course extends to his family, with two of his sons working at the club. Notably, Drew Mark is a turf student at Ohio State University, following in his father's footsteps.


    The 2024 Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club promises to be an event to remember, thanks to the meticulous efforts of Chad Mark and his team. Their dedication to maintaining the course's high standards ensures a challenging and enjoyable experience for players and fans alike. As the tournament approaches, the golfing world eagerly anticipates another exceptional display of skill and strategy at one of the PGA TOUR's most iconic venues.


  • May 28, 2024 3:31 PM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Celebrating Excellence: The RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf and Country Club

    As the 2024 RBC Canadian Open approaches, the spotlight turns to the Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ontario, and the meticulous work of Golf Course Superintendent Jordan Kitchen, GCSAA. With over a decade of dedication to Hamilton and a passion for excellence, Kitchen and his team are set to deliver a world-class course for this prestigious PGA TOUR event.

    Meet the Grass Master: Jordan Kitchen

    Jordan Kitchen's journey with Hamilton Golf and Country Club began in 2012 as an intern. His commitment and talent quickly shone through, leading to his current role as Superintendent. With 13 years as a GCSAA member and 12 years at Hamilton, Kitchen has been instrumental in maintaining and enhancing the course. His educational foundation from the University of Guelph has equipped him with the knowledge to excel in his profession.

    The Team Behind the Magic

    Supporting Kitchen is a dedicated team of professionals who share his vision of excellence. Key personnel include:

    • Tracy Fowler, Assistant Superintendent
    • Chad Oberle, Assistant Superintendent
    • Corey Young, Assistant Superintendent
    • Wayne Shaw, Equipment Manager
    • Emerson Mahoney, PGA Professional
    • Alan Carter, Chief Operating Officer

    Together, they manage a staff of 42 employees and 65 tournament volunteers, ensuring every aspect of the course meets the highest standards.

    The Course: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

    Designed by the legendary Harry S. Colt in 1916 and renovated by Martin Ebert in 2019, the Hamilton Golf and Country Club is a testament to timeless design and modern sustainability. The 2019 renovation included the reconstruction of tees, bunkers, and greens across all 27 holes, installation of a new irrigation system, and enhancements to the practice areas. These updates earned the course the Golf Digest Best Renovation of the Year award in 2022.

    Play for the RBC Canadian Open will be hosted on the West and South courses, presenting a challenging par 70 layout stretching 7,084 yards. The average green size is 6,000 square feet, with a Stimpmeter reading of 11-12, promising fast and true putting surfaces.

    Course Statistics and Turfgrass Details

    Total Property Acres: 300
    Acres of Fairway: 38
    Acres of Rough: 110
    Number of Sand Bunkers: 72
    Water Hazards: Serpentine Creek

    The course features V8 creeping bentgrass on the greens, L93-XD bentgrass on collars and approaches, and a mix of native bentgrass and poa on the tees and fairways. The rough comprises Poa annua, Kentucky bluegrass, and Turf Type tall fescue.

    Greens: V8 creeping bentgrass - Height: 0.100"
    Collars: L93-XD bentgrass - Height: 0.250"
    Approaches: L93-XD bentgrass - Height: 0.300"
    Tees: Native bentgrass / poa - Height: 0.350"
    Fairways: Native bentgrass / poa / seeded with L93-XD bentgrass - Height: 0.450"
    Rough: Poa annua / Kentucky bluegrass / Turf Type tall fescue - Height: 4"

    Notable Aspects and Achievements

    This year's RBC Canadian Open is poised to benefit from favorable weather conditions, with the area experiencing a mild winter and early spring. Kitchen's expertise and familiarity with the course, coupled with his experience from previous tournaments, ensure the event will be a memorable one for players and spectators alike.

    Fun Fact: Course Dog

    Adding a touch of charm to the course is Jada, a 3-year-old German short-haired pointer, who is a beloved member of the Hamilton team.

    A Tradition of Excellence

    Since 1926, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) has been a cornerstone of the golfing community, providing education, information, and representation to over 20,000 members worldwide. Their mission to serve their members, advance their profession, and enhance communities through the game of golf is exemplified in the meticulous preparation for events like the RBC Canadian Open.

    As we look forward to the RBC Canadian Open, we celebrate the dedication and expertise of Jordan Kitchen and his team at Hamilton Golf and Country Club. Their commitment to excellence ensures that this historic course will continue to be a shining example of golfing tradition and modern sustainability.


  • May 22, 2024 10:11 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

    Charles Schwab Challenge
    Colonial Country Club

    Grass Master: Rich McIntosh, CGSAA

    • GCSAA Member for 14 Years
    • 3rd Year at Colonial Country Club
    • Previous Courses: Torrey Pines (Superintendent), Muirfield Village (Senior Assistant)
    • Hometown: Medina, Ohio
    • Education: Ohio State University

    Behind the Scenes at Colonial

    Assistant Superintendent: Eli Parker
    Equipment Manager: Jan Dixon 
    Horticulturist: Mark Jones
    Director of Golf: Brian Schorsten 

      Tournament Set-up

      • Par: 35-35 - 70
      • Yardage: 7,289 yards
      • Stimpmeter: 12-13

      Course Statistics

      • Average Green Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
      • Total Property Acres: 154 Acres
      • Fairways: 28 Acres
      • Rough: 65 Acres
      • Sand Bunkers: 64
      • Water Hazards: 4
      • Holes Water in Play: 6
      • Soil Conditions: Clay
      • Water Source: Trinity River
      • Drainage: Good


      • Greens: 007XL bentgrass (.100”)
      • Collars: TifTuf bermudagrass (.375”)
      • Approaches & Tees: TifTuf bermudagrass (.425”)
      • Fairways: TifTuf 419 bermudagrass (.425”)
      • Rough: TifTuf bermudagrass (2.5”)

      Additional Notes

      • The 2023 renovation touched every aspect of the course, including new greens, irrigation, drainage systems, and a shift to Bermudagrass on most playing surfaces.
      • A cool, wet spring with less sunshine may affect playing conditions with slower growth and potentially softer turf.
      • This is the 4th event (2nd in a row) played on bentgrass greens this season.
      • Fairway landing areas average 25-30 yards wide.
      • Expect fast greens with a reading of 12-13.


    • May 13, 2024 11:21 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

      PGA Championship (PGA of America)
      Valhalla Golf Club • Louisville, Ky. • May 16-19, 2024

      Meet the Grass Master
      John Ballard, CGCS, GCSAA, brings over two decades of expertise to Valhalla Golf Club, having served as a superintendent for 25 years. A proud member of the GCSAA for 29 years, Ballard's commitment to excellence is evident in Valhalla's pristine conditions. With previous experience at Audubon CC and the University of Louisville GC, Ballard's leadership ensures the course is championship-ready.

      Assisting Ballard are:

      • Phil Vineyard, Lead Assistant Superintendent
      • Justin Wilt, Front Nine Assistant Superintendent
      • Payton Hobby, Back Nine Assistant Superintendent
      • Assistants in Training: Ben Nelson, Josh Rippy, Jamie McGaugh, Kyle Sampson, Zach LeGrand, Nate Smith
      • Jason Newman, Equipment Manager
      • Kyle Cramer, PGA Professional

      Course Highlights
      Designed by Jack Nicklaus in 1986, Valhalla Golf Club has undergone significant renovations, including rebuilt greens in 2011 and recent resurfacing of tees and fairways to Zeon Zoysia in 2021. Hosting multiple PGA Championships and Ryder Cups, Valhalla stands as a testament to championship golf.

      Tournament Set-up

      • Par: 35-36—71
      • Yardage: 7,609
      • Stimpmeter: 13

      Course Statistics

      • Average Green Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
      • Total Property Acres: 485
      • Acres of Fairway: 23
      • Acres of Rough: 60
      • Number of Sand Bunkers: 62
      • Number of Water Hazards: 5
      • Number of Holes Water is in Play: 7

      Turfgrass Specifications

      • Greens: T1 bentgrass .100”
      • Approaches: Zeon zoysiagrass .250”
      • Tees: Zeon zoysiagrass .350”
      • Fairways: Zeon zoysiagrass .450”
      • Rough: Tall fescue / bluegrass mix 4”

      Recent Renovations and Enhancements

      • Fairway Renovation: Transitioned from bentgrass to Zeon Zoysia in 2021 for sustainability and playability.
      • Championship Tee Construction: Added new championship tees on strategic holes, increasing the total yardage to 7,609 yards.
      • Aesthetic Changes: Enhanced natural features such as limestone outcroppings and water features for a visually stunning experience.
      • Bluegrass Way: Welcoming entrance showcasing Kentucky's beauty and Valhalla's commitment to the community.
      • Clubhouse Renovation: A 13-month renovation captures the essence of Kentucky with southern-style architecture and local craftsmanship.
      • Agronomy Center: State-of-the-art facility relocation provides an efficient work environment and enhances member experience.


    • May 11, 2024 10:33 AM | Chris DeMain (Administrator)

      Myrtle Beach Classic (PGA TOUR)
      The Dunes Golf and Beach Club • Myrtle Beach, S.C. • May 9-12, 2024

      Meet the Grass Master
      Steve Hamilton, GCSAA, brings over two decades of experience as a superintendent, including hosting the 2014 PGA Professional National Championship. With 28 years as a GCSAA member and a background in Virginia Tech University, Hamilton is dedicated to ensuring The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is primed for the Myrtle Beach Classic.

      Assisting Hamilton are:

      • Josh Taylor, GCSAA, Superintendent
      • Boston Cook, Assistant Superintendent
      • Chad Kintzer, Equipment Manager
      • Dennis Nicholl, Director of Golf
      • Holden Patterson, PGA Professional

      Course Highlights
      The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. in 1948 and renovated by Rees Jones in various years, offers a challenging layout against the backdrop of Myrtle Beach. Spanning 7,347 yards with a par of 71, the course boasts champion ultradwarf Bermuda greens and meticulously maintained fairways and roughs.

      Tournament Set-up

      • Par: 35-36--71
      • Yardage: 7,347
      • Stimpmeter: 11.5-12

      Course Statistics

      • Average Green Size: 6,000 sq. ft.
      • Total Property Acres: 234
      • Acres of Fairway: 30
      • Acres of Rough: 80
      • Number of Sand Bunkers: 72
      • Number of Water Hazards: Numerous small ponds, Alligator Alley
      • Number of Holes Water is in Play: 6

      Turfgrass Specifications

      • Greens: Champion ultradwarf Bermuda .100”
      • Collars: 419 bermudagrass .250”
      • Approaches: 419 bermudagrass .350”
      • Tees: Zeon zoysiagrass .350”
      • Fairways: Ryegrass overseed .400”
      • Rough: Ryegrass overseed 2”

      Additional Notes

      • Recent renovations included leveling and re-grassing championship tees, rebuilding lake edges, and enhancing practice facilities.
      • The Dunes Golf and Beach Club celebrated its 75th anniversary last year, marking its legacy as the second course built along the Grand Strand.


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